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Cheap approach creates an expensive future headache


BUS bosses say a “save money at all costs” approach by government­s will set back public transport years.

Queensland Bus Industry Council executive director David Tape said fighting between levels of government not only threatened to delay infrastruc­ture but discourage­d operators from improving fleets and network efficienci­es.

Mr Tape said major investment was urgently needed to extend busways, add bus priority lanes to roads and build park-and-ride facilities.

He said transport needs also had to be factored in to developmen­ts at the start. “It will take both sides of politics and all sides of government to make this happen,” Mr Tape said. “If we get too far behind in infrastruc­ture investment, we will never catch up.”

#Getmovings­eq series has highlighte­d a looming crisis as the public transport system reaches capacity over the next five years.

The Queensland Government said it needed Federal Government support to pay for key projects.

Buses carried more than 188 million passengers across Queensland in 2013-14, accounting for 69 per cent of public transport trips.

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