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LONDON: The UK’s least-favourite royal has appeared at a garden party looking like a pirate.

Princess Michael of Kent, 70, underwent surgery and is expected to wear an eye patch for at least a month. Her appearance brought no sympathy in the British press, which has loathed her for decades. She is famous for writing off Princess Diana as “bitter” and for asserting there is a natural reason for social status. Commonly known as “Princess Pushy”, she is married to the Queen’s cousin.

The Czech-born princess (pictured with and without her pirate accessory) is known to be at odds with many senior members of the royal family and is often criticised for accepting free holidays, clothes and gifts.

Why does she have a male name? Because in the royal family women take the feminine of their husband’s titles and her husband’s highest title is Prince Michael.

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Picture: Splash News
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