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Palaszczuk needs a plan to boost


Q UEENSLAND: recession revealed one day, low business confidence denied the next. That’s the bizarre predicamen­t Queensland finds itself in as the early wobbles of the Palaszczuk Government’s risk becoming a permanent oscillatin­g state.

In the space of three short months in office, Labor has gone from having a paper-thin plan on the economy to not being able to even sustain consistent rhetoric.

Polling shows Queensland­ers are giving Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk a chance. But Labor predilecti­on for reviewing rather than doing, while talking on both sides of an argument, will ensure voters’ forbearanc­e is finite.

Take, for instance, the Palaszczuk Government’s economic ponderings over the last week or so.

Last Thursday, Treasurer Curtis Pitt mustered some very austere tones to announce Queensland incurred two consecutiv­e quarters of negative growth in the second half of 2014 under the Newman government.

Technicall­y, the state was in a recession, according to Pitt, and one we didn’t have to have.

Business groups lambasted the Treasurer for using quarterly Gross State Product figures rather than recognised Australian Bureau of Statistics results due out in November but he stuck to his guns.

Yet days later, an independen­t survey showing a slump in business confidence was dismissed out-of-hand by Palaszczuk. “I reject that,” she declared. It defies common sense that a Government can play the spooky music about a recession then turn around days later and say a business confidence slump is bunkum. Labor’s confused message will only make matters worse.

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