The Courier-Mail

Little hope that FIFA scandal will help to address poor standards


THOSE calling for much needed surgery of the cancereati­ng FIFA ( C-M, May 29) are sadly deluded if they think those feeding on the organisati­on will give up and allow it to recover.

The best that can be expected is a couple of the big fish will be sacrificed, having been given a golden handshake, and it will be back to business as usual. What is happening will be seen as nothing to get excit- ed about and the low standards will just fall further. IF SEPP Blatter does not resign as FIFA president, UEFA should leave FIFA.

The European championsh­ip is a far better competitio­n than the World Cup, which cannot survive as a viable competitio­n without it. Getting rid of Blatter is long overdue. I WONDER if G.T.W. Agnew and Frederika E. Steen (Letters, May 28) will pay the prison costs for the ISIS supporters wanting to come home. I dare say not. So why should all other Australian­s pay? These ISIS supporters went to kill Australian­s and other coalition forces members. Now they find they were fed garbage so they want out. Too bad. Let them stay where they wanted to be.

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