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I’ve had great success catching whiting during the summer months in the Nerang River. Can you still catch a feed during winter? Ricky Kharman, Rathdowney

Numbers of summer whiting drop off during the winter months but you can still get reasonable catches. One of the secrets is to fish the upper reaches, up river of the council chambers in Nerang, and concentrat­e your efforts in the deeper channels.

Do you think fish can sense human smells such as cigarettes, sunscreen or hand lotions? Mary Toohey, Mt Gravatt

Scent masking and neutralisi­ng sprays and creams for fishing are a multimilli­on-dollar business throughout the world so it would appear so. I prefer to rub my hands in local mud or with weed where I’m fishing and rinse in the same water. I don’t think you can get more natural than that.

What is the best moon phase for fishing – full moon, new moon or half way between moons? Rod Schmedding, Albany Creek

That’s a complex question and many a book has been written about it. In short, the new and full moons bring big tides, which are good for some species, and the neap period between moons brings small tides, which are better for other species. As a rough guide, the few days before the new and full moons are great for most species, the neap tides between moons are good for areas that normally have too much tidal flow to fish, such as bar entrances.

I like to buy Australian­made. Is there a braid made in Australia? Terrance Folley, Eagleby

Platypus, a Queensland company, is one of the world leaders in braid manufactur­ing. They make half a dozen different types of braided line designed in Australia for Australian anglers suitable for any applicatio­n.

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