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Premier unlikely ally for old rival


CAMPBELL Newman has found an unlikely ally in Annastacia Palaszczuk, who has demanded the LNP stop picking on the former premier.

The Queensland Premier yesterday insisted her predecesso­r had been unfairly nominated as the catalyst for the LNP’s dramatic election loss in January.

The LNP’s post-election review, penned by former party leaders Rob Borbidge and Joan Sheldon, is strongly critical of Mr Newman for the style of government he led and key decisions made.

It accuses the former government of hubris and arrogance, claims it alienated almost every key community group and questions the wisdom of thrusting an untested lord mayor into the state arena as party leader.

While not naming Mr Newman, the review found there was significan­t disappoint­ment with the way the LNP government had acted in office.

Mr Newman has declined to comment on the review, while supporters of the former premier have described it as “stupid”.

Ms Palaszczuk said Mr Newman was not the sole architect of the LNP’s demise and many of the Cabinet members who made the former government’s most fateful decisions were still running the party.

“They are all blaming one another, they are pointing the finger at Campbell Newman,’’ she said.

“And yes, Campbell Newman was the head of that gov- ernment but all of those ministers sitting around the Cabinet table, a lot of them are still there.

“Lawrence Springborg, John-Paul Langbroek, Jarrod Bleijie, they are all still there running the LNP, leading the party, still not listening to Queensland.”

The review makes 39 recommenda­tions, the most controvers­ial being a push to replace big dollar donations from trade unions and business to political parties with public funding.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg backed the recommenda­tion, saying it could help end public cynicism of the political process.

He said the proposal would be discussed in the LNP party room but the measure would require bipartisan support to be introduced successful­ly.

Ms Palaszczuk said the proposal had merit but was a distractio­n from the main thrust of the damning report.

“I am happy to look at those issues,’’ she said.

“But we had a Bill that went through the Parliament, that went through a committee and they did not raise that issue.

“They can talk about that all they want but while they are doing that they are ignoring the report.” EDITORIAL P20


Annastacia Palaszczuk

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