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AUSTRALIAN teenager Abdullah Elmir has re-emerged on social media, connecting with family members and friends in Sydney.

The apprentice butcher – known as “Ginger Jihadi” – has posted a photograph of himself pointing the barrel of an assault rifle into the lens of a camera.

In a sign the teen’s radical fervour remains strong, he also posted a photo of the September 11, 2001, attack on New York’s World Trade Centre.

The former Bankstown butcher, 17, became an ISIS poster boy last year after appearing in a propaganda video attacking Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In his rant against Mr Abbott, which made global headlines, Elmir warned the militant group would keep fighting until it conquered the West. “To the leaders, to Obama, to Tony A Abbott, I say this: th these weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not st stop fighting,” he sa said. “We will not p put down our weapo ons until we reach y your lands, until we ta take the head of e every tyrant and u until the black flag is flying high in e every single land.’’

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