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Backbench tough on citizenshi­p


TONY Abbott’s backbench will demand that rebel senior ministers including Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop drop their opposition to proposed new laws to strip terrorists of their Australian citizenshi­p.

The chairman of the Parliament­ary Joint Committee on Intelligen­ce and Security, Dan Tehan, will hand the Prime Minister a letter this morning signed by 37 MPs in support of a policy that includes actions not only against dual nationals involved in terrorism but sole Australian nationals as well.

The MPs have demanded their views be presented to Cabinet at its meeting today should the issue be raised in response to an apparent ginger group, which includes Attorney-General George Brandis, which has raised legal objections to stronger counterter­rorism measures.

The Cabinet ginger group has baulked at proposed measures recommende­d in a discussion paper that would strip a sole Australian national of citizenshi­p should they be found to have engaged in terrorism.

The concerned ministers claimed this would potentiall­y render a person stateless, despite the proposed move being reserved for terrorists who had access to other citizenshi­p. SIMON BENSON

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