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Why we call Queensland home


NO MATTER what political difference­s we might have, at the end of the day it’s nice to know that in Queensland there’s always plenty of warm sunshine and blue sky regardless.

Today marks the first day of winter but you’d hardly know it. This week Brisbane can expect temperatur­es around the mid-20s. It’s even warmer in the north. Those in Sydney can only be envious today as they sit though a maximum of 15C, while Melburnian­s will be absolutely miserable as they shiver in rain.

More than 2.06 million tourists visited Queensland last financial year, our best result in years. And with weather like ours, it’s not hard to see why people still flock to Queensland and why many hope to call it home.

For decades people moved to Queensland for the places we enjoy – the wide open spaces and temperate winters that see us play outdoors all year round. Now they move here because of who we are and what we do – a happy, friendly community of hard, innovative workers.

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