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War dance a red rag to Carlton bulls


AS A lifelong Swans supporter (from the old South Melbourne Oval) I reckon Adam Goodes is one of our greatest AFL players.

Of course he “stages” for free kicks, same as a lot of players.

On Saturday night he kicked a great goal. Instead of running over to the “adoring” Swans supporters, he headed over to the “feral” Carlton supporters. Big mistake. It was like waving a flag at a bull.

Goodes says he was doing an Aboriginal war dance in celebratio­n ( SM, May 31). The Carlton mob didn’t know that, hence their response.

To boo opposition players is part of our great game and has nothing to do with hating players.

Certainly, when Goodes takes time and really understand­s his error, the better off we will all be. George Harrod, Caboolture ADAM Goodes should hang his head in shame and take his war dance elsewhere.

To celebrate scoring a goal for the Swans in this way reeks of payback. Notice he directed his poorly timed moves towards Carlton supporters and not to the red and white brigade.

His reference to the use of the haka before a match has no bearing whatever on his actions. The haka instils patriotism in the players before a match whereas the war dance was a display of gross arrogance and has no place in the AFL.

Thank goodness Lance Franklin didn’t see fit to perform his own song and dance after each of his seven goals. Ken Johnston, Rochedale South

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