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Penalty does not fit crime


BUSINESSMA­N Craig Gore received a lifetime ban from the Federal Court which prohibits him from doing any business in the financial services industry ( C-M, May 30). His gang of likethinke­rs got suspension­s ranging from 7½ to 10 years for engaging in those same practices.

There was no mention of any prison time to be served and ASIC pats itself on the back for the penalties mentioned and given to people who misused $4 million and financiall­y ruined the lives of 200 people, clients to whom these people were beholden.

This really seems to be a case where the punishment certainly does not fit the crime. Jim Pogorelc, Hillcrest


WELL, blow me down to hear the LNP post-mortem finds Campbell Newman’s hubris contribute­d to its election loss ( C-M, May 30). I always thought he was humility personifie­d. David Hall, Labrador

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