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Easy solution for kid with two dads


PETER Corran (Letters, May 30) has concerns about children in same sex partnershi­ps having to explain to other children that they have two mums or two dads.

There’s an easy solution to that – have a society that genuinely reflects that such an arrangemen­t is perfectly in line with societal norms.

There’s additional good news for Peter, in that I have the perfect way for that to be put in place: make the relationsh­ip of same sex couples equal in every way to that of heterosexu­al couples by legalising same-sex marriage. Stephen Morgan, Carina Heights I HAVE no problem with those of the same sex, who love one another, to be united in a church or civil wedding ceremony and to enjoy legal rights and obligation­s that should accrue to them thereby.

It would be nice for everyone all around, however, if the union was recorded on a register separate to the marriage register. After all, I am sure they would like to have a regis- ter they could call their own. Take what you can and get your legislatio­n through and leave unto others that which you would have them leave unto you. Alan Phillips, Macgregor AS A general response to those who argue children’s rights to a mother and father as a case against gay marriage – do you believe the sole purpose of marriage is reproducti­on?

If so, shouldn’t this exclude all couples with no intention of having children from marriage as well?

What if a gay couple want to get married but have no wish for children?

And what does that say about single parents in general? How many children these days are born to heterosexu­al couples only to be ignored or neglected by one or both parents? How many are born outside of marriage?

Does it not occur to anyone that there are in fact already gays raising children, normally from previous marriages? Rhys Richards, Kuraby

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