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Hi Jonathan, You shared a letter from Nina, who wanted to make the day of her gender reassignme­nt her new birthday. Personally, I happen to believe Nina’s original birth chart will still have impact. I also think her new birth chart will be relevant. The human that was originally born hasn’t been un-born. Laura ... Hi Jonathan, As a Sagittaria­n, I can’t understand how Nina would want to give up the sign of the archer. Why shouldn’t a Sagittariu­s have two birthdays? Congratula­tions to her for finding and following her truth. Ilene


It isn’t always easy to be an Aries. But then, it isn’t always easy to be an astrologer, either. You have to put up with the fact that sometimes, life is challengin­g. I have to be the messenger who may be in danger of getting shot if he delivers less than ideal news. But I have faith in your natural benevolenc­e, just as I do in your natural resilience. No matter what currently seems to be hanging like a cloud over your life, you will fast find a way to protect yourself from a problem and even somehow turn it to your advantage this week. Want to hear great news? Let me tell you what’s happening in June! Call 1902 222 500.


Were we born on to the wrong planet? Is this really the place we were hoping to inhabit when we left our cosy, comfortabl­e home in Heaven? Were we promised endless entertainm­ent and constant comfort? If so, what has happened to it all? Perhaps we were tricked. Or perhaps we were told the truth but the experience of existence still sounded like an attractive propositio­n, warts and all. Make the most, this week, even of what you may wish you had less of. It has hidden depth and potential to bring you more pleasure than you think. Looking forward to June? You will be soon! I’ll tell you why. Call 1902 222 500.


If life is a roller-coaster, it is at least not as tortuous as the kind that we find at the funfair. There may be exciting moments of ascension, and there are definitely times when we feel as if we are hurtling into some terrifying­ly rapid descent. But the long, flat, steady intervals are significan­tly more frequent – or at least, usually they are. Lately, for you, there has been too much drama. Though you are no great fan of mundanity, you may now yearn for an easier, more ordinary life. That may yet come, just after this next big hill! I have just recorded your light-shedding, heart-warming, June forecast. Call 1902 222 500.


Are you sure that you have time to read your forecast today? Should you not be looking to see what the stars have in store for someone else instead? Isn’t there someone you need to keep a close eye on, someone who needs your time, energy and attention, someone for who you feel so responsibl­e that you hardly dare relax and be yourself because it seems more important to meet their needs? The full moon is currently making you feel unnecessar­ily dutiful. Assert your entitlemen­t to some time for yourself. It’s time to embrace the future. Call 1902 222 500.


Why are so many of us so fond of hats? They make such an instant difference to our appearance. A hat can sometimes say more about a person than everything else they are wearing. They change the way we feel about ourselves, too. And it is not just through physical headwear that such transforma­tions are achieved. We put on various hats depending on the issues that we are most keen to focus on or the responsibi­lities we are most aware of. Be aware that you may need to switch hats several times this week. There’s a lot to look forward to in June. Call 1902 222 500.


We begin to develop the concept of fairness and “rightness” at an early age. We all remain conscious of the importance of equanimity and the need to counter injustice. Yet we also have to cope with the ever-increasing awareness that we cannot right every wrong. For the sake of our sanity we have to be more philosophi­cal, turn the odd blind eye, and focus only on what is closest to heart. But this week, you can take some satisfacti­on in fixing something that ought not to be so broken. When you hear your June forecast everything will change for the better. Call 1902 222 500.


Mistakes, it seems, are easy to make but perhaps they are not always quite so easy to forgive. But then, if many more examples of human error were accepted more freely and philosophi­cally, certain people might find themselves less discourage­d from making them. Yet, all too often, the cause of a mistake turns out to be the fear of making said same mistake! This week’s most crucial question is, “how badly awry has a process gone?” Is opprobrium really appropriat­e? Surely, it is now time to let something go and move on. Please keep reading. I have great news for you about June. Call 1902 222 500.


It is easy to remain serene and even-tempered. We merely have to detach ourselves, emotionall­y and psychologi­cally, from the things that are happening, from the fruits of our own actions, from the attitudes of our colleagues and companions and from the numerous examples of collective stupidity that the human race has an unerring tendency to show us all. With Mars and Pluto now forming an antagonist­ic angle, just as the moon grows full, you may find this a wee bit difficult. But you can keep your sense of humour. Grab your chance to understand what’s happening. Make June great! Call 1902 222 500.


A full moon in your sign suggests that the eyes of the world are now on you. That you are effectivel­y being bathed in a celestial spotlight. That there may be “no hiding place” should you wish to keep something secret. But then, as many a good detective novelist has explained to their readership, the most effective deceptions involve facts that are hidden in plain view. Not, I hasten to add, that you currently have any need to keep anything away from anyone else’s eyes. But, should sensitive issues arise, you need not fear them. Your in-depth new June forecast has news you’ve got to hear! Call 1902 222 500.


Have you got permission to be doing this? Are you quite sure that you have requested and received the appropriat­e licence? Is there not some form you ought to fill out? Or some paperwork that requires urgent attention? Perhaps you owe someone an explanatio­n? Maybe your time, this week, is already so spoken for that you cannot contemplat­e any course of action, other than one which complies with the expectatio­ns that are now being placed upon you? Actually, this week, you have more freedom than you think. You’ll find your monthahead forecast inspiring. Call 1902 222 500.


Aquarians, say the textbooks, are sensible people. They think things through. If they ask awkward questions, it is only because they are intelligen­t enough to see the hidden flaws in what others might accept as impeccable logic. Actually, people born under your sign are much, much smarter. You are shrewd and wise enough to know that Earth is not a particular­ly sensible place. Therefore, it is often a mistake to look for logic everywhere. Something crazy is happening this week but it is also something from which you can benefit. In your June forecast, I’ve got helpful news for you. Call 1902 222 500.


Who is rooting for you? Who is cheering you on, waving your flag, whooping and whistling noises of encouragem­ent in the hope that you will hear this and thus rise even more defiantly and successful­ly to your challenge? Some of us are aware and appreciati­ve of our admirers. Others are not really fans of their fans. But you, this week, should at least be conscious of a support mechanism that is doing all that it can on your behalf. Acknowledg­e this and you may yet find that it (or he/she or they) are able to do even more. The planets are on your side in June. Let me tell you more. Call 1902 222 500.

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