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Crows still hope to land Dangerfiel­d


ADELAIDE are adamant they will not give Patrick Dangerfiel­d overs to retain him at any cost, believing his upcoming decision is not based on money

The Crows are firmly of the belief they cannot win Dangerfiel­d’s heart through a deal of $1 million a year or more, knowing if he stays it will be for team success.

It means he will be offered a deal at Adelaide close to Geelong’s offer of around $800,000 a season for a deal of five or more years.

They know they have four months to prove to Dangerfiel­d the lure of future premiershi­p success overwhelms the desire of him and his partner to return to their families in the Geelong region.

Dangerfiel­d this week gave little comfort to nervous Crows fans, saying his contract was “not something I’ve really thought about”.

The club’s desperatio­n to keep the restricted free agent was reinforced by his masterful 38-possession, 29-contested possession matchup against Fremantle’s Nathan Fyfe.

It means rivals including Collingwoo­d seem little chance to trump a Geelong offer with deals of $1.2 million a year.

Adelaide champion Mark Bickley, who captained the Crows for 102 games, said yesterday he did not believe Dangerfiel­d had made up his mind.

“It is being here with his mates and a club that has looked after him or going home to play for a team which is closer to home and on a similar trajectory,’’ he said.

“I still don’t believe he has truly decided. Those who say he has gone already, I think that’s rubbish.

“He loves Phil Walsh, he is happy with the changes the club has made and last night he was unbelievab­le.”

 ??  ?? OFFERS: Patrick Dangerfiel­d.
OFFERS: Patrick Dangerfiel­d.

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