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Give Green light to stop time-wasting


COWBOYS coach Paul Green has called for timewastin­g players to be penalised as rugby league becomes bogged down in union-like stoppages.

In the Cowboys’ last-minute victory over Manly on Saturday night, the Sea Eagles repeatedly wasted time and referee Ashley Klein let them get away with it.

Klein also sent a clear ingoal knock-on by Jamie Lyon to the video referee, who took 2min 51sec to review the play and rule an obvious no-try. By the time play was restarted, more than four minutes had been wasted, allowing a tired Manly the break they needed.

The Sea Eagles, who lost 18-14 in the last minute, repeatedly refused to pack scrums.

Klein would ask them to pack the scrum, Manly would refuse and Klein would call time off and wait for them.

In the last 10 minutes, the game resembled an NBA clash with constant timeouts.

Green said penalties for players who wasted time would ensure they rushed to the scrum.

“That’s the easiest way to fix it. If they are deliberate­ly doing it to slow the game down, then a penalty is the easiest way to fix it.

“The big thing I had an issue with was the time it took to come up with that no try.

“I think it was a four or five-minute break. Everyone knew it wasn’t a try.”

Green said he would also like stand-alone Origin fixtures to help his stars.

The Cowboys had four of their key players back up just 72 hours after Origin I.

Johnathan Thurston played 160 minutes in three days. Matt Scott and James Tamou played more than 100 minutes in three days, each cracking past 230m.

Scott led the Cowboys’ tackle count against the Sea Eagles with 41.

“I have a few players involved (in Origin) so it helps us to have stand-alone games,” Green said.

“They were outstandin­g but it was a lesson for Morgo (Michael Morgan) too because this whole Origin thing is a new experience for him.

“He was a little off (on Saturday night).

“It is a learning curve for him on how to back up.”

The Cowboys have nine days’ rest before they face Parramatta next Monday.

“We have a long break before Parramatta,” Green said.

“The short time after Origin can actually help.

“The following week when they can struggle.”


 ??  ?? QUICK FIX: Paul Green is fed up with NRL stoppages.
QUICK FIX: Paul Green is fed up with NRL stoppages.

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