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Labor to auction off Newman’s prison-issue hot pink jumpsuits


THE hot pink jumpsuits proposed by the Newman government to try to embarrass bikies in jail will now be auctioned off for charity under Labor.

New Police Minister JoAnn Miller said she had uncovered a stash of pink shorts, shirts and overalls (pictured) in the Brisbane Women’s Correction­al Facility.

The Minister said she now planned to sell off the clothing to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation – whose signature colour is pink.

Despite more than 500 pink shirts being made under the Newman government’s plan to humiliate tough bikies, only 27 inmates were actually forced to look pretty in pink.

Ms Miller said she found the stash of unused clothing on a tour of the facility last month.

“I was absolutely horrified to find boxes and boxes of pink prison uniforms that have never been worn along with rolls and rolls of unused pink material,” Ms Miller said.

“Only 27 prisoners ever wore the pink uniforms. This left over 550 pink shirts, 60 pink overalls, 125 pairs of pink shorts, five pairs of pink trousers and a whopping 300m of unused pink material.”

Jailed bikies were forced to wear the pink jumpsuits as part of the Newman government’ss tough anti-bikie laws.

“Telling them to wear pink k is going to be embarrassi­ng for them,” then-premier Campbell Newman said in October 2013.

Inmates were to be dressed from head to toe in pink with only their underwear allowed to be a different colour.

The idea, which cost taxpayers $10,000, was scrapped shortly after its introducti­on.

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