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Backbenche­r breaks ranks on energy bill


ONE of Tony Abbott’s Queensland backbenche­rs is planning to break ranks and vote against a Government Bill that he says will drive up the cost of electricit­y.

In the latest st blow to Mr Abbbott’s authority, y, Hinkler MPP Keith Pitt (picctured) will deenounce the e Renewable Ennergy Target et legislatio­n to be e debated in Parliament ament today today.

The deal will see billions spent on infrastruc­ture and incentives for solar, wind and timber power in a bid to lift Australia’s use of green energy over the next five years. But Mr Pitt, a former electrical engineer, said the joint CoalitionL­abor agreement would drive up costs for consumers and bu businesses while be being an expensive way to reduce ca carbon emissions.

“I will not be su supporting the Rene newable Energy leg legislatio­n,” Mr Pit Pitt said.

“It will increase th the cost of electricit­y for tho those who can least afford it.’’

Mr Pitt is believed to be the only Coalition MP planning to vote against the Bill.

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