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GUY Sebastian has revealed he was the victim of an unwanted sexual advance by a “creepy old guy” at his Vienna hotel, while competing at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sebastian was in the hotel gym’s steam room when a naked male attempted to grope him.

“It was a definite deliberate sexual advance. He’s gone for my nipple and put his hand down towards my crotch and I’ve arced up,” Sebastian said, explaining his daily ritual in Vienna was to work out and enjoy some time in the steam room.

“I’ve just never had anything like that happen to me and never had anyone so brazenly feel like they could sexually make an advance on someone, so physically as well, without any caution,” he said.

The 33-year-old singer told breakfast radio of the incident when a producer pranked him, pretending to be a representa­tive from the hotel following up on the complaint.

Sebastian rang the hotel’s reception to tell them what had taken place.

“I said to my wife, ‘who tweaks someone’s nipple?’ It was so weird.”

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