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IT’S the kind of problem we would all like to have.

Seven News’ glamorous Gold Coast reporter Kendall Gilding was part of the large contingent of reporters partying in The Birdcage at Oaks Day in Brisbane on Saturday, but she very nearly didn’t make it in at all.

Upon arrival at the gates, diligent security guards thought Kendall might not be of the legal age for drinking and asked for proof of age.

Fortunatel­y the 24-year-old was carrying ID and was able to get through the gates.

But not before suffering the indignity of having a bright pink wrist band slapped on her arm to prove to anyone that wondered that she was, indeed, old enough for a glass of Bollinger.

Gilding took it in good spirits, proudly wearing the offending identifier for the rest of the day without complaint. Some might see it as a badge of honour really.

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