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Parties need to branch out and engage grassroots supporters

- PAUL WILLIAMS Twitter: @PDWilliams­1

OMPHALOSKE­PSIS. It’s more than a killer Scrabble score. It’s a word literally meaning “navel-gazing” in a meditative, self-reflection kind of way. But you don’t need to ask a Buddhist monk about its finer points.

Look no further than your average political party after yet another humiliatin­g election loss.

This year, it’s the turn of the Queensland Liberal National Party as former premier Rob Borbidge and his treasurer Joan Sheldon pick over the entrails of defeat in a 15-page report released last week.

As far as internal assessment­s go, it’s admirable in its frank and candid honesty. There’s no point gilding the lily when you’re sitting in irrelevanc­e on the opposition benches.

In many ways, the Borbidge-Sheldon review (we hope its title is never shortened to initials) was predictabl­e in detailing the bleeding obvious. We didn’t need to drill too deeply to find that unexpected public service sackings, an unpalatabl­e asset privatisat­ion policy, a seeming lack of public accountabi­lity and an arrogance and hubris borne of the Newman government’s huge majority were all factors in the LNP defeat.

But the report did offer

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