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Lack of justice dogs greyhound racing


USING live, innocent animals for lures in greyhound racing is unacceptab­le and shockingly cruel.

Now we read of the heinous crimes inflicted on the greyhounds. Leahy’s cartoon ( C-M, Jun 1) depicted how the punishment fit the crime.

Those found guilty should be tied to a mechanical lure and chased by savage dogs until caught and dismembere­d. Helen Holdey, Brighton I CAN understand the emotion behind Leahy’s cartoon and I’m sure many people would agree with him that trainers found guilty of using animals as live bait in the greyhound industry should be treated in the same manner the animals were treated.

But I would like to believe that even the most persecuted of these animals, whether it be the animals used as live bait or the greyhounds, would not seek this type of revenge.

Only the human race seems capable of these deplorable deeds. What we want is justice for all those animals and an iron-clad guarantee that this shame will never happen again. Val Bonner-Burrowes, Oxley THE headlines regarding greyhound racing are not very cheerful.

The dogfight between some trainers and racing authoritie­s would appear to be a bit of a dogs’ breakfast while the cruelty continues.

Let’s hope there is a satisfacto­ry solution soon to ending this reported abhorrence. Judi Cox, Springfiel­d

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