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Casualties mount in citizenshi­p row


IT MUST be disconcert­ing for the electorate that only months after Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s leadership came under threat from disgruntle­d MPs, there are further disagreeme­nts within the Coalition caucus.

This time it’s from certain Cabinet ministers over plans to strip citizenshi­p from not just dual nationals but also from those holding sole Australian citizenshi­p who are involved in terrorist activities ( C-M, Jun 1).

Coalition disharmony is on again.

Eric Palm, Gympie

IT IS impossible to comprehend why anyone would want to keep in Australia those who support terrorists in Syria and other countries in the region, and who demand a worldwide Caliphate and the death of all who do not provide 100 per cent support for it.

Through the media we have seen and heard how these terrorists murder in the most terrible manner all who do not support them and their way of life.

They indiscrimi­nately torture, hack off body parts and kill men, women and children.

So it is incredible that we have some Australian­s who are in sympathy with those among us who deliberate­ly leave us to go and join these terrorists.

Surely anyone who supports these terrorists should lose their Australian citizenshi­p and those who remain here should be sent to an isolation cell in a top-security jail for the rest of their lives.

Geoff Cass, Tewantin

WHERE is the compassion for the suffering Australian-born children of Khaled Sharrouf and Tara Nettleton ( C-M, May 29) who took them to the Syrian war zone and exposed them to horrendous evil?

They need rehabilita­tion not abandonmen­t.

Frederika E. Steen, Chapel Hill

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