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1 A pick-me-up from the heavyweigh­t in charge 4 Highly graceful and dignified 7 Guttersnip­es play tricks on a number of sweet cakes 9 Back at the secondclas­s betting agency 10 Fiery on the overseas inn 12 So tail-enders hide in the granary 13 A feather in one’s cap is a blessing 15 Fears topless hear keners, perhaps 17 A prison is in motion 19 Feels inside a snakelike fish 21 By chance, I vocalise when organising casually 22 Annoys bugs 23 Form an opinion to finally argue with Social Security heads


2 A crook thing after dark 3 Large humped mammals arrived on hollow legs 4 Offering a hand-out 5 Justificat­ion from a short politician and myself 6 Puts a damper on misplaced SIDS without bravery 8 Abstains from all food quickly by September 1st 11 Simplified some ideas edgewise 14 Ingesting a tinge for a change 16 Barren allergens in the area of the kidneys 18 Knit around winter, outright 20 A great deal of items for auction

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