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1 Who played the title role in the 1995 movie Mr. Holland’s Opus?

2 The ‘Orange People’ were followers of which spiritual teacher/guru?

3 Who was named Man of the Match for the 2015 ANZAC rugby league Test?

4 Food critic Matt Preston is known as a judge on which TV cooking show?

5 What is the most populated city in Mozambique?

6 Albert Einstein was offered the position of president of which country?

7 The Rape of the Lock is one of the best known poems by whom?

8 What are the two official currencies of the Cook Islands?

9 True or false: Romania has a coastline on the Black Sea?

10 In which year was Benazir Bhutto assassinat­ed?

11 Which country hosts the annual Vattenfall Cyclassics one-day cycling race?

12 In the Triangular number series, which number comes after 1, 3, 6?

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