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THEY say summer bodies are best prepared in winter and according to Rachael Finch (pictured), there’s still plenty of time to get yourself in tip top shape before bikini weather.

“You have to invest that time in winter to start the preparatio­n at least,” the model and TV presenter told Confidenti­al.

“You have to force yourself to get out and do something. I’m a big believer in trying to listen to what your body needs but in winter, you’ve got to have a bit more discipline and motivation to push through that cold morning or afternoon and do something good for your body.”

Finch, 27, is in prime shape ahead of walking in Myer’s annual Spring/ Summer show at the Carriagewo­rks in inner Sydney alongside Jennifer Hawkins. It’s her first parade as an ambassador for the department store retailer and to prepare, it’s been old fashioned exercise, healthy eating and resting.

“I’m eating really clean and healthily but also just trying to get sleep and rest ... soaking in baths, that sort of grandma stuff,” she joked.

She added of the parade: “I’ve got butterflie­s swishing around like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t think anything compares to that adrenaline rush of a runway show.”

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