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‘Vegemite watch’ not on the PM’s menu


TONYT Abbott has ruled out a “Vegemite“V Watch’’-type programg to stop indigenous communitie­sm getting drunk on the iconicic spread.

Shocking revelation­s by The Sunday Mail that some indigenous communitie­s were b buying Vegemite in bulk to m make home brew outlines the to tough road for government­s a and communitie­s wanting to c crack down on alcohol abuse a and domestic violence.

Mr Abbott, who has vowed to come down hard on alcoholfue­lled violence and child neglect in indigenous towns, said communitie­s needed to be policed properly.

“The last thing I want to do is have a Vegemite watch,” Mr Abbott said. “Vegemite, quite properly, is for most people a reasonably nutritious spread on your morning toast or on your sandwiches.”

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, who did not propose a legislativ­e ban but wanted communitie­s to take responsibi­lity for the “innovative’’ use of Vegemite, said conditions were getting worse in indigenous Australia.

“Tough decisions need to be made,” he said. “And … those tough decisions need to be decided by leaders of the community, leaders of families and individual­s standing up for themselves.”

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