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Cost of electricit­y meters passed on to homebuyers


NEW homebuyers will be slugged hundreds of dollars more as they now have to pay upfront for electricit­y meters to be installed.

In the past the cost of providing meters has been absorbed into ongoing network charges spread across all customers but under a new rule, which came into effect on August 1, meter connection will be a stand-alone charge.

The cost will range from $259 to $492, depending on the type of meter and where people live. More than 40,000 new dwelling owners each year will be affected.

Government-owned power companies Energex and Ergon say the decision was made by the Australian Energy Regulator and they won’t gain from it as their revenue is capped.

The constructi­on industry is not happy about the plan.

Master Builders Associatio­n deputy executive director Paul Bidwell said: “This comes straight off the builders’ margin so it’s another cost the consumer will be forced to wear.’’ Energex said informatio­n forums were held in the lead-up, delaying the introducti­on by a month. DARYL PASSMORE

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SAFE NOW: A man is rescued off Cape Moreton yesterday.

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