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Depardieu among artists blackliste­d by Ukraine


KIEV: Ukraine has named 13 pro-Russian actors and singers whose work would be banned from TV, radio and cinema, including France’s Gerard Depardieu (pictured).

The blacklist, issued by the Ministry of Culture, describes the 13 as “a threat to national security” for supporting President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea and his backing of Russian separatist­s in eastern Ukraine.

Songs by these performers will be barred from the Ukraine airwaves and permits for screening their films will be withdrawn in the near future.

Depardieu, a Russian citizen since 2013, incensed the proWestern leadership in Kiev by striking up a friendship with Mr Putin and reportedly denying the existence of an independen­t Ukraine.

In July, Ukraine said it was banning the 66-year-old from entering the country for five years.

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