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Christians flee Syrian town

Porn patch at bus stop


BEIRUT: Hundreds of Christian families have fled a central Syrian town as ISIS fighters advance toward it, activists said yesterday on the anniversar­y of the US beginning air strikes against the extremists in Iraq.

A US-led coalition has conducted nearly 6000 air strikes against ISIS, expanding its operations to target the extremists in Syria as well.

But a year later, ISIS re- mains able to launch attacks across its self-declared “caliphate” in both countries, despite some gains by Kurdish fighters and allied Iraqi forces.

Osama Edward, the director of the Christian Assyrian Network for Human Rights in Syria, said hundreds of families had fled the Christian town of Sadad, 100km northeast of Damascus. There are reports ISIS has abducted 230 residents, including Christians. SAO PAULO: Hackers infiltrate­d the travel informatio­n video screens at a Brazilian bus station and replaced arrival and departure times with hardcore porn.

The footage ran for 15 minutes on Friday evening at the Boqueirao station in the southern city of Curitiba, officials said. The depot was packed with travellers at the time.

The police cyber crime unit was notified and was trying to trace the hacker or hackers, the municipal transport company said. A Curitiba city hall official said the company with the contract to operate the screens had been told it must improve its security.

Social media lit up with screen grabs of the pornograph­y and jokes about the hack.

With a population of around two million, Curitiba is one of the larger cities in southern Brazil.

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