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KRIS Smith has cheekily admitted to farting on TV. And he found it funny wearing his microphone when he went to the toilet during ad breaks when he was a co-host of The Daily Edition.

“I find it hilarious, I’d go and do a pee and, doesn’t everybody fart when they do a pee?” Smith, (pictured above left with co-hosts Sally Obermeder, Monique Wright

and Tom Williams).

“People would look at you like you knew that they knew but not say anything. I’ve got a warped sense of humour like that, I find farting hilarious.”

He added that he’d passed wind “a couple of times” on air. Smith finished up on Seven’s The Daily Edition at the end of last year, focusing on a new health and fitness business.

Smith, 37, will walk in the Myer Spring/Summer show in Sydney on Thursday night.

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