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Whistleblo­wer should not be charged


OF COURSE the four police officers who bashed the chef at Surfers Paradise police station got off all-but scot-free ( C-M, Aug 8).

That happens when police investigat­e police.

We’ve seen it before, in the death-in-custody case at Palm Island a few years ago.

The newly reappointe­d Police Commission­er, Ian Stewart, should step forward, show some leadership, drop the trumped-up charges against Sergeant Rick Flori – and pay his legal expenses. Phil Greenhill, Bellbird Park MISDEEDS by police officers must be brought into the open, instead of being covered up in silence and defended by the police union.

Instead of Sergeant Rick Flori being charged, he should be considered for a medal. B. Buglar, Petrie SERGEANT Rick Flori had no choice but to “dob in” the two rogue police officers who bashed chef Noa Begic in January 2012, if he wanted to serve with honour.

It’s totally prepostero­us that more than 3½ years later, Sgt Flori is still the target of a witchhunt from within the highest ranks of the police service for doing the right thing.

Any police officer with morals and a conscience who saw a civilian being bashed at a police station would not sweep the incident under the carpet.

Instead of condemnati­on, he should be receiving commendati­ons for what he did. Commission­er Ian Stewart and every police officer in Queensland should take note. Tim Badrick, Toogoolawa­h

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