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Pollie perks are absurdly lavish


IF LABOR frontbench­er Tony Burke’s $16,000 flights were “within the entitlemen­ts”, clearly the rules need an overhaul ( C-M, Aug 8).

While that public servant is flying high, those of us who actually make a difference are barely making ends meet.

As a newly graduated teacher, I am very grateful to have a full-time job in the city, but I spend nearly 20 per cent of my take-home pay (after tax and HECS) on transport just to get to work.

That leaves me with a bit over $600 a week for myself and three children to live on after doing a four-year university degree. I’m not asking for a helicopter to get to work, just a little reality check for everyone who is employed by taxpayers. Mary McLaren, Wynnum West OH HOW my heart goes out to our poor, lonely politician­s who spend many thousands of taxpayer dollars to have their equally lonely, poor, destitute families with them.

I recall my time in the Royal Australian Navy when we were deployed for nine months at a time, and a letter delivered in some far eastern outpost was a welcome, if infrequent, pleasure.

Grow up, you weaklings, and try to abide by John F. Kennedy’s mantra about what you can do for your country. Peter Corran, Manly West THE latest revelation is that Treasurer Joe Hockey jetted his family to Perth on business-class flights during the school holidays at a cost to taxpayers of $14,566 ( SM, Aug 9). This from the man who said Bronwyn Bishop’s $5000 helicopter flight didn’t pass the “sniff test”.

I wonder how Hockey judges his own state-financed profligacy? Bob Meadows, Mansfield I KNOW the national jobless figure is of concern but I still think what Australia needs is more unemployed politician­s. Bill Giles, Dunwich ADAM THOMSON 40, small business owner, Norman Park No, but maybe we should have stronger penalties. LIAM LYTTLE 19, hospitalit­y worker, West End No. If you are silly enough to start a life that you cannot afford, then no one should foot the bill but you.

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