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POSING in her underwear and introducin­g swearing into her lyrical vocabulary are just a couple of the signs US actor-singer Demi Lovato has shaken off her child star past.

The 22-yearold entertaine­r, who found fame in Barney and Friends and then Disney movie Camp Rock, said her newfound confidence was hard-won after battling bulimia, drug addiction and self-harm.

Lovato, back in Australia four months after a national tour to spruik her latest single, Cool For The Summer, was caught up in a censorship campaign against Cosmopolit­an magazine in the US.

The cover girl said her sexy shoot was “empowering” after her body image issues.

“I am showing a lot of skin now but the most important thing is showing somebody struggling over body image that it is possible to go from self-harming and throwing up to finding confidence and being happy with yourself,” she said.

As for the swearing, the self-confessed potty-mouthed singer warned the F-bomb in Cool For The Summer won’t be the only one dropping on her fifth album due out later this year.

Lovato, who didn’t swear during the interview, said she wasn’t trying to be deliberate­ly provocativ­e but also didn’t want to be tied to her past.

“I curse a lot! The fact I had never cursed in my music was a small example of how I was trying to please parents (of young fans) and be a different woman for them,” she said.

“But if I am feeling like swearing – or wearing certain outfits – I shouldn’t be tied to what they want or expect.”

While it is not as overtly expressed as Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl, Lovato’s Cool For The Summer has been interprete­d as celebratin­g a dalliance with another woman.

The singer has been in a relationsh­ip with That 70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama since 2010. CONFIDENTI­AL P20

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