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Alleged plotter’s bail plea rejected


THERE was a “substantia­l risk” a former army dental assistant would petrol bomb a naval, military or police facility if she was granted bail, a judge has told a court.

Justice John Byrne yesterday refused to grant bail to Kalisa Winn, 32, who is accused of plotting to blow up a Cairns naval base on February 3 and has spent six months in custody.

The offences involve her allegedly communicat­ing a threat via texts of her intention to blow up the HMAS Cairns base, which has 900 staff and 14 vessels.

In the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Justice Byrne said the text messages were found on her mobile phone, although Winn has denied they were sent by her.

The judge said a substantia­l quantity of petrol was found in Winn’s vehicle, which was not far from the naval facility.

Justice Byrne said it was stored in a way that was consistent with it possibly being used as an explosive device against the naval facility.

He said it was alleged that Winn’s conduct was consistent with an intention to blow up the naval facility or, if that were far-fetched, an intention to cause a significan­t explosion.

She is facing charges including preparing to commit crimes with explosives.

Winn also is facing charges in NSW involving “credible evidence” of her throwing containers of petrol at Botany Bay Council Chambers and at police vehicles outside a police station in the Sydney suburb of Mascot in September last year, the judge said.

Justice Byrne said Winn denied any involvemen­t but there appeared to be an over- whelming case against her, including CCTV footage.

He said there was evidence from Winn’s mother that she had a sense of grievance against the Australian Defence Force. It arose out of her belief that there had been inaction in relation to a rape complaint she made against another ADF member, Justice Byrne said.

Winn, who was an ADF dental nurse for 12 years before her discharge last year, appeared in court via video link from prison.

Justice Byrne said there had been some concern that Winn had been msuffered from a mental illness.

But he said more recent psychiatri­c assessment­s did not support that view.

However, the judge said Winn had a propensity to abuse alcohol.

Justice Byrne said there was a substantia­l risk that if Winn were granted bail she would attempt to petrol bomb a government facility.

“Were that to happen on the next occasion, the consequenc­es could be serious indeed,” Justice Byrne said.

 ??  ?? ACCUSED:ACCUSED Kalisa Winn has spent six months in custody.
ACCUSED:ACCUSED Kalisa Winn has spent six months in custody.

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