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LNP MP says he’s not moonlighti­ng for consultant


LNP MP Rob Molhoek has denied moonlighti­ng as an “executive mentor” for a Sunshine Coast-based consulting firm, which has spruiked his experience as a former assistant minister.

The Southport MP has also not declared the fact he was a director of his partner’s company for a single day in April, explaining the stint’s absence from the register of interests as “an accounting error”.

ASIC company records reveal Mr Molhoek (pictured) was a director of New Asia Pacific Link between April 28 and 29. He is listed as a director on a “notificati­on of resolution – change of company name” document dated April 29

A spokeswoma­n for the member for Southport said his stint as a director was due to an “accounting error”.

It is understood Mr Molhoek has ensured his partner’s company is noted in the Regis- ter of Members’ Related Per- sons Interests, a “privatee register” maintained by the Clerk.

He yesterday denied working for Phil Gray Consulting while an MP.

The firm’s website lists him as a “business adviser” and “executive mentor” and describes him as a “proud associate of Phil Gray Consulting”. JASON TIN

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