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THETH series has just started and a twist has already emerged in the latest love story of The Bachelor Sam Wood.

It turns out the single hunk has locked lips with contestant Rebecca

Chin, 28, a year ago while holidaying ying in Bali.

Apparently Wood did not recognise her when filming started but, boy, she recognised him.

“The pair met at a clifftop restaurant and ended the night in each other’s arms, kissing and cuddling as sparks flew,” a glossy magazine reports.

Wood released a statement in the magazine admitting that they did cross paths.

This could put Rebecca – or ‘‘Bec’’ ’’ – in the front seat.

Rebecca is from NSW Central Coast where she works as a dietitian.

On Channel 10’s official page, she said she entered the series because shee had been “single and unlucky in love for the past couple of years”.

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