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THE civil war on the set of The Real Housewives of Melbourne continues.

Lydia Schiavello didn’t hold back to Confidenti­al at last week’s Million Dollar Lunch about cast colleague Janet Roach (pictured left with Schiavello, right, and Chyka Keebaugh) after Roach’s social media attack.

“Being attacked is really bad,” she said. “Grandma has either got to have a cup of tea and go to bed or shut the f--up. Seriously.” Ouch!

The other cast battle is between Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger, who both have confided in Confidenti­al recently about their problems with each other.

Early filming has already started on series three of the reality show, which is a cult hit in Britain and the US.

It’s expected that Gina Liano will join the cast full time as soon as filming of The Celebrity Apprentice wraps up in Sydney.

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