The Courier-Mail

Formula is a smart choice

- Carol da Costa-Roque, Annerley

IT WAS with amazement that I read about the continuing condemnati­on of mothers who choose formula over breast milk ( C-M, Aug 8).

Apparently women who choose to breastfeed are going to bond better with their newborn, improve their child’s immunity system and boost the child’s IQ.

My mother had no milk to give so the only option was to give me formula and Ribena.

This afforded my father an equal chance to bond with me as he was able to bottlefeed me. There was certainly nothing wrong with my immune system as not only was I raised in a country rife with cholera from the age of nine months, I never picked up any of the usual childhood illnesses for which at that time there were no vaccines available. Was my IQ affected? I excelled academical­ly. As one of many experts who sees no particular benefit of breast milk opined, “smart children have smart parents”.

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