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MPs in no hurry to halt expenses


COLUMNIST Rowan Dean ( C-M, Aug 10) claimed that in terms of value for taxpayers’ money, he would choose Bronwyn Bishop over Tony Burke any day.

He cited several instances in which Burke had taken advantage of the system by spending lavishly on various travel entitlemen­ts compared to Bishop falling on her sword.

Dean thinks Bishop’s only crime was always being in a hurry to get on with her job.

Unfortunat­ely, he left out the bit that over a six-month period, Bishop spent nearly $400,000 of taxpayers’ money while hurrying to do her job.

I, for one, am glad she will have to hurry no more. Scott W. Meredith, Pittsworth ROWAN Dean lamented Labor’s hypocrisy over Tony Burke’s expenditur­e on his entitlemen­ts. Dean then trivialise­d Joe Hockey’s lavish expenditur­e.

But, more significan­t, was his failure to mention our cigar-smoking Treasurer’s end-of-entitlemen­t speech demanding fiscal tightening, hitting the unemployed, pensioners, and the most disadvanta­ged in the community.

Now that’s hypocrisy. Tony Grigsby, Southport I AGREE with Karen Brooks’ column ( C-M, Aug 10) that there is one set of rules for “us” and another for “them”.

When the Government told us “the age of entitlemen­t is over” for the Australian people, we could have presumed this also applied to our politician­s as they are Australian people as well.

This could be the solution to halt their overuse of entitlemen­ts. This age is over. Lesley Brandis, Camp Hill AS FEDERAL Parliament is back in session after the winter break, with the intention of looking into parliament­ary entitlemen­t guidelines, it may as well use as a reference book Fifty Shades of Grey. Ray Davis, Bongaree

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