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Hello Jonathan, Here’s a quote from author, Alan Watts. “From a strictly metaphysic­al standpoint, God does not fore-ordain anything, since for him there is no future... the concept of free will is meaningles­s, since unmotivate­d, uncaused, spontaneou­s action would be something possible only for the First Cause. If the gift of free will to creatures means anything, it means... free will is not the property of any creature in so far as they are an individual, but only in so far as the actual reality of their being, their true Self, is God and acts as God.” Stephanie


What happens when we fail to do something? Why do we “forget” the tasks we ought to tackle or the duties we know we should honour? It isn’t always because we are lazy, absent-minded or prone to distractio­n. It may well be because our intuition is looking at a situation from a very different point of view than our intellect. Reluctance can sometimes be wise and appropriat­e, even if it is hard to explain. You may soon see why it may be probably just as well that you didn’t do something you were “supposed” to. It’s the dark of the moon and your future can be revealed and changed. Call 1902 222 500.


We all like to have someone to cheer for. Teams to support, contestant­s to root for, brands to identify with, beliefs to uphold, sides to take. Our affiliatio­ns don’t just inspire us, they often define us! Or so we think. Yet folk on either side of some social, sporting or even political divide often go through similar emotions. Which can make some of our difference­s less different than we imagine. It may be tricky for the cosmos to grant you a wish down to the last detail today. But in essence at least, it is on your side. Your new moon-sign forecast will touch your heart and lift your spirits. Call 1902 222 500.


Imagine catching a train at the station and then discoverin­g that you had no idea where it was going? Did you make a mistake? Are you now the prisoner of a process? Is the eventual outcome entirely beyond your control? We often think such defeatist thoughts when developmen­ts in our lives don’t exactly align with our expectatio­ns. But if we make up our minds to find out as much as we can, we can soon use that informatio­n to our advantage and start heading in the right direction once more. As you will soon see. Turn the power of the new moon to your advantage. Pick up the phone! 1902 222 500.


Things are moving on and you are moving on with them. Now, why should that be anything other than a reason to celebrate? Doesn’t the next phase of your life hold forth inspiring, inviting opportunit­y? And, if you would like to believe that all that was true but you fear perhaps it may not be, ask yourself this; have you not worked hard enough, made enough sacrifices, done more than enough recently to earn reward and recognitio­n from the deities which dispense favour upon the deserving? Of course, you have! For spine tingling news to make your heart leap, call: 1902 222 500.


Your outlook remains auspicious. Your cosmic climate is encouragin­g. This may not, on its own, be a guarantee of endless success but it is a strong suggestion of a “following wind” that is blowing you towards a shore that you have long yearned to reach. If you fail to put up a sail, you might not complete the journey. But if you truly try to catch that wind and take advantage of the opportunit­y that it potentiall­y bestows upon you, who knows how far you can get and what magic you may yet be able to work? It’s the dark of the moon and your future can be revealed. Call 1902 222 500.


Starting now, Jupiter’s year long visit to Virgo. Is that encouragin­g? Or is it all cosmic coincidenc­e? There are some academics who insist that not only should we draw no inference from such celestial developmen­ts but we should scoff scornfully because the astrologer­s don’t even measure the sky in the same way that modern astronomer­s do. Why am I seemingly raining on my own parade? To make one key point. Your outlook is excellent and exceptiona­l. But if you question everything, you may gain nothing! Your new moon-sign forecast will touch your heart. Call 1902 222 500.


“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” So, at least, says the Old Testament Book of Job. It is never made entirely clear who (or what) the Lord is. Nor, in any Bible, is it explained exactly why the Lord giveth and why He (She or It) taketh it away. We only know that the religious seem just as likely to be rewarded or afflicted as the heathens. But then, perhaps we don’t need to know. William Cowper, the hymnodist, said “God moves in a mysterious way.” Today (whether you deserve it or not) God giveth. Be glad! Turn the power of the new moon to your advantage. Pick up the phone! 1902 222 500.


Conflict gives rise to more conflict. Aggression invites aggression. Mistrust too, is reciprocat­ed. It doesn’t have to be overtly expressed. People can instinctiv­ely sense it and they respond unconsciou­sly. They may attempt to justify their emotions with intellectu­al explanatio­ns but feelings lead where thoughts follow. So, how are we to break this vicious cycle and build a better world? We must remember that the opposite is also true. Love gives rise to more love, faith to more faith. Take a step in the right direction today. For spine tingling news to make your heart leap, call: 1902 222 500.


When is the best time to mend a leaky roof? Just before it rains! What do you want to be doing immediatel­y prior to a cold snap? Fixing the heating and ensuring that you have a nice warm coat to wear. Sagittaria­ns may be spontaneou­s, spur of the moment adventurer­s but even the brave souls who share your sign appreciate the satisfacti­on that comes from knowing they have anticipate­d a challenge. What a joy to feel that you have taken steps to avert trouble. That’s what you are starting to do right now! It’s the dark of the moon and your future can be changed. Call 1902 222 500.


Some of the things they say about Capricorns, are surely silly. I mean, where on earth do they get all this stuff about you being so serious, responsibl­e and down-to-earth? Now, admittedly, you can lean in that direction from time to time and sometimes, you can do it so impressive­ly that you can leave the rest of us with a sense of your infallibil­ity. But you really aren’t quite so dry or so hidebound by codes and convention­s. An occasional sense of mischief is a key component in your coping mechanism. Draw on that today. Your new moon-sign forecast will touch your heart and lift your spirits. Call 1902 222 500.


It is never a good idea to argue with an Aquarian. That advice applies to every zodiac sign. It applies doubly so in the case of an Aquarian arguing with another Aquarian. Aquarians should not be argued with because they invariably win. They make cases that cannot be contested. They find such flaws and faults in the logic of their adversarie­s, that they eventually undermine their opponent’s ability to stand tall and seem even remotely serious. Your capacity to criticise is a weapon. Make it one of last resort today. Turn the power of the new moon to your advantage. Pick up the phone! 1902 222 500.


“Tea for two, two for tea, me for you and you for me…” So goes the old 1920s show song, which I can never hear without thinking of Anita O’Day. I’m quoting it cautiously to you today. I’m slightly concerned lest you take it too literally and assume that I’m predicting a romantic meal. I’m not ruling that out but the real astrologic­al emphasis now, is on what can be done in collaborat­ion and with cooperatio­n. This may or may not, involve your love life. But in some area of your life now, there is potential to be part of a successful team. For news to make your heart leap, call: 1902 222 500.

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