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ARRIVALS: Pacific Dawn to Brisbane Cruise Terminals from Brisbane at 1am; Delphinus Leaser to FI 1 from Townsville at 2am; Hammonia Pescara to FI 5 from Sydney at 1.30pm; Ms Sophie (NGF) to Caltex Fisherman Islands from Sydney at 5pm; Jules Verne to FI 7 from Singapore at 8pm. DEPARTURES: Madinah from FI 8 to Auckland at 8pm; Aal Newcastle from FI 3 to Newcastle at 5am; Maersk Garonne from FI 10 to Sydney at 6am; Sofrana Surville from FI 2 to Port Moresby at 7am; Golden Accord (NGF) from Caltex Products to Kaohsiung at 11am; Pacific Dawn from Brisbane Cruise Terminals to Santo at 2pm; Anl Wyong from FI 5 to Yokohama at 2pm; Delphinus Leader from FI 1 to Port Kembla at 4pm; HS Shackleton from FI 7 to Port Botany at 9pm; Ambassador Bridge from FI 9 to Yokohama at 10pm.

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