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Numbers pooling nicely for Bronte


BRONTE Campbell used to hunt names. Now she will hunt numbers.

Australia’s newest dual world champion moved out of her big sister Cate’s shadow with a breakout world titles meet in Russia – becoming the third person in history to win the 50m-100m freestyle double.

It was a changing of the guard between the sisters but not completely in Bronte’s own mind – because while she has beaten her sister she has yet to go faster than Cate’s best times.

That is why Bronte is keeping her secret hit-list.

Beating someone headto-head is one thing, however she wants the total package of knowing her best time is faster than anything her rivals and sister have done.

“It’s going to be very different for me,’’ Bronte said.

‘‘I’ve always been the one chasing Cate and now she’s going to be chasing me.

“Her best times are still faster than mine so she obviously has more to give.

“I still haven’t gone sub-24sec (in 50m freestyle) and there are three girls who have done that.

“I was the fastest (at the world titles) but I’m not the fastest that’s ever been so it really gives me motivation.

“I can still improve; other people have been faster than me. That list is still around. I’m still not going to throw that one away.

‘‘It’s fantastic to get up there and win but it’s not a guarantee that I’m going to keep on winning.

“I have a very pessimisti­c view that every win takes you closer to a loss because no one in the world can keep on winning forever.”

The 21-year-old is actually a triple world champion, having claimed a freestyle relay gold early in the meet. She also claimed a medley relay bronze on the final night of racing.

She has displayed the temperamen­t to suggest she can carry the pressure of being world champion into next year’s Rio Olympics.

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