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Raiders left with plenty of ifs and one (head)butt


AARON Woods last night revealed how he dared David Shillingto­n to try to headbutt him a second time before the Canberra prop was given his marching orders.

Shillingto­n was sent off in the final minute of the Raiders’ 20-18 loss against the Wests Tigers, a result which all but ended their finals hopes.

Almost two years had passed since Kade Snowden was the last NRL player sent from the field.

Referee Jared Maxwell needed little convincing to send Shillingto­n on his way after the representa­tive prop lost his cool in his 200th NRL game.

Woods last night told The Courier-Mail: “He’s dropped the ball, he wasn’t too happy, I gave him something to think about and then he tried to headbutt me.

“I said, ‘If you’re going to headbutt me, you might as well get me properly’. Then he missed again.

“My hair was getting pulled, so I had my face down after that.

“He (Shillingto­n) was trying to give swinging arms all game. He’s played 200 games. He should know better than that.’’

Tigers skipper Robbie Farah rushed in when he saw Shillingto­n launch at Woods, and said the headbutt “was pretty poor form’’.

“A headbutt is one of the worst things you can do on the footy field, and I thought the referee had no other choice but to send him off,” Farah said.

As if losing Shillingto­n was not bad enough for the 8704 souls who braved the cold, Tigers No.1 James Tedesco thought it would be funny to run for more than 200m, score a try and set up another.

The last time Tedesco was in town he had met coach Ricky Stuart and told him he would join the Raiders, only to backflip before last year’s Round 13 deadline.

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