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PIGS do fly – and here’s proof we’re not telling porkies.

With standing room only at every show, the racing pigs have been hot to trot after making a triumphant return to this year’s Ekka following a 10-year hiatus.

Ringmaster and showman extraordin­aire Tom Vandeleur, who MCs the show with his seven-year-old grandson, claimed it was the only show in Australia with jumping pigs.

“Other people have attempted to get their pigs to dive into water, but they just won’t get in there,” Mr Vandeleur said, adding that it took about a month to teach the pigs to dive the 4m into the pool below.

While crowd numbers were slightly down at the Ekka yesterday, organisers are hoping ticket sales will hit 50,000 for People’s Day today – traditiona­lly the biggest day of the show.

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