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Abetz calls for watchdog to bring unions to heel


THE Federal Gov- ernment will next t week try, but fail, l, oobring to pass back laws the to

e controvers­ial con- struction industry y cop, giving it an- other double-dis- solution trigger.

Employment t ccrAbetz’s Minister push Eric for the reintroduc­tion of the Australian Building and Constructi­on Commission comes as unions picket at the Port of Brisbane and in Sydney after Hutchison Ports sacked workers by email and text.

Senator Abetz (pictured) hinted the unions’ actions, w which have defied th the Fair Work C Commission’s rulin ing to stop, were a re reason the ABCC ne needed to be reinst stated. It was du dumped by the La Labor government.

“The evidence of thuggery and in intimidati­on of em employers and workersk i is overwhelmi­ng,” Senator Abetz said.

“There needs to be a strong independen­t regulator ... which will introduce a meaningful deterrent to breaking the law.”

The Bill is unlikely to pass because it does not have the support of Labor or the Greens.

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