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Indigenous folk, women ‘should get into politics’


QUEENSLAND’S newest Liberal National Party senator, Joanna Lindgren, has used her first speech to urge more indigenous people and women to enter politics.

Senator Lindgren, who is the great-niece of Australia’s first Aboriginal MP, Neville Bonner, said she hoped more indigenous people would follow her into parliament.

“It is my dream that in the years to come, more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will follow the same path as others before me have done, and that one day this path will be seen as quite normal and even expected for my people,” Senator Lindgren told Parliament.

Addressing the Senate, she called for her own party to take action to increase the number of women in parliament but stopped short of calling for quotas.

“Yes, women are under-represente­d in politics and yes, we need to analyse and research the trends and issues as to why women are not in politics, but at what point do we need to stop talking and start acting?” she said.

“For me … the action starts now. It is my obligation to ensure that I encourage, cultivate and engage good women for politics. It is … about ensuring women have voices in political decisions.”

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