The Courier-Mail

The pub with no glasses


LONDON: Britons are buzzing over a temporary entry in the capital’s already saturated drinking scene: breathable booze.

The pop-up bar, Alcoholic Architectu­re, uses a humidifier to pump a gin and tonic vapour into an enclosed space. Patrons absorb their alcohol from the “Cloud” by breathing in the vapours and by soaking it in through the skin and eyes.

Descending into a basement on the south bank of the Thames, customers are handed plastic ponchos to prevent the smell from permeating their hair and clothes, then are led into a corner of the bar sheathed in plastic strips.

They walk in. And breathe. Deeply.

Sam Bompas, one of the project’s designers, says the alcohol “goes straight into the blood stream, bypassing the liver”. Patrons are limited to one hour in the Cloud so they do not get too inebriated.

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