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Stability for police is welcome


THE Palaszczuk Government has opted for stability and continuity with the extension of Police Commission­er Ian Stewart’s term for another two years.

Mr Stewart, who was appointed by the previous government, may not be a popular choice – at least if you listen to the more strident voices in the Police Union – but he has proven a stable and consistent pair of hands who has managed to rise above the politics of what can be a very sensitive administra­tive role.

As he said yesterday: “I’m not there for the popularity contest, I’m there to make the best decisions possible for both the members and for the community and that’s always a complex balancing act.”

To date he has managed to navigate the politicall­y fraught path in areas such as Queensland’s contentiou­s but effective VLAD laws without being tainted as a partisan player, but rather someone more interested in results.

That is welcome, as is the State Government’s decision not to seek change for change’s sake.

We wish Mr Stewart well.

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