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It’s unfair to single out Clarke for team failure


THE Australian cricket team has been given a taste of its own medicine with its meek capitulati­on and humiliatin­g loss to England in the Ashes.

The post-mortem and back stabbing has started already with Michael Clarke (pictured) announcing his retirement – predictabl­e and justified.

But is it fair to single out Clarke and make him the scapegoat ( C-M, Aug 11)?

Sure, Clarke was sadly out of form during the Ashes series with his dismissal at Nottingham in the first innings.

He was distracted and using little or no footwork which was uncharacte­ristic of Clarke.

That being said, it was a replica of how other batsmen got out as well with their technique more befitting of park cricket than a test match.

The advent of Twenty 20 Cricket certainly hasn’t helped to develop top test batsmen.

It has only encouraged them to play without restraint and patience.

To say that the Australian team was under-prepared for the English wickets and conditions was an understate­ment. But where was the fight, determinat­ion and resolve when their backs were against the wall?

It has been suggested by Ian Healy, the respected Channel 9 broadcaste­r, that the WAGS may have been an unwanted distractio­n for the players on tour. I couldn’t agree more. Shouldn’t the only priority for the players while on an Ashes tour be to play cricket?

The soul searching, reviews and investigat­ions are starting, and if Cricket Australia is fair dinkum they should tap a number of players on the shoulder and start to rebuild the team for the next Ashes series sooner rather than later. Garry Jacobs, Arundel

IT APPEARS Michael Clarke’s critics are confusing leadership with popularity.

It is not necessary to like people you work with, but to be a winning team it is essential to show respect. Denise Edwards, Upper Mt Gravatt

FOR goodness sake, get off Michael Clarke’s back and recognise his many achievemen­ts.

After all, he is only human, and he doesn’t walk on water as some commentato­rs expected him to.

It was only three short matches ago that he led the Aussies to a convincing win at Lord’s. Let him go as he wishes, a fine captain with a great record. Ron Major, Deception Bay

IT WAS disappoint­ing to read the headlines “Loner to loser” ( C-M, Aug 10) and “Bad to despicable” ( C-M, Aug 11) regarding Michael Clarke and members of the Australian cricket team.

While not an avid cricket supporter or follower, I think it’s unsportsma­nlike to belittle and harass the members of this team who committed the dreadful sin of losing the Ashes to England. Come on folks, it’s a game. There is also the issue of kicking a man (or a team) when he is down. These people are human with feelings too. Jean Camp, Victoria Point

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