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Workers are pawns in globalised world


COLUMNIST Paul Syvret canvassed the personal issues of the developing stand-off between Hutchison Ports and the unions ( C-M, Aug 11).

As we embrace globalism, it is doubtful local permanent or semi-permanent labour will be the winner.

This dispute seems to be about method. But do the broader management versus union proponents ever realise that, particular­ly through their annual wage hike exercise, they play an essential role in a predetermi­ned agenda which ultimately benefits only the purveyors of our internatio­nal bondholder debt system?

We seem to be pawns in a much bigger game, against which our only available preliminar­y action would be to take charge of our national interest infrastruc­ture developmen­t using our Reserve Bank credit. Bill Webster, Holland Park

THE people responsibl­e for sacking their employees at Hutchison Ports by text message at midnight are guilty of stupidity and should resign from their jobs or be sacked themselves if the employer has any sense or sensitivit­y. This is the first time I’ve ever thought a strike was warranted. G. White, New Farm

IN THIS age of informatio­n technology it is possible to apply for a position and be accepted online.

Why can’t one’s position be terminated by the same means? I don’t agree with the method, but I can remember an employee who was sacked while she was on holidays. Deleted. Terry Marsden, Mansfield

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